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Transgender: Transitioning in the Workplace 

Has an employee approached you to inform you that he/she is Transgendered and wishes to come to work in his/her preferred gender?

Does your organization have policy in place that covers this situation and do you know how to apply it?

This is in fact a wonderful opportunity for your Company or Organization to demonstrate your commitment to the tenets of equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and diversity in the workplace. 
Nevertheless, implementing this may be totally unfamiliar territory for your HR and Management.  This is where professional advice and Linda’s 20 years of experience providing a professional program allows for a smooth transition into the workplace for the transgendered person and for fellow employees. 

Dozens of National and International Companies, Universities, Government depar
tments, private organizations have benefited from this service.

An initial consultation with your Human Resources person/ team and Management is essential for Linda to assess your needs, the culture of your workplace and provide an outline of her program.

The aim is for you to retain the services of a valued employee, to have a trouble free transition and to create an atmosphere that is non-sensational, respectful, professional and inclusive.

A meeting with your team or HR on site for your organization can be arranged by calling Linda Midalia on 98265452 or emailing

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