Linda Midalia Psychology

There are times in a person's life when life seems a struggle. The journey through life brings its own challenges no matter what age you are or how successful you may appear to others. These times we live in are complex, demanding and sometimes downright confusing. Each of us develops our individual ways of coping with these situations,or not coping , whichever the case may be. We are not born with the skills to handle these issues and we may indeed have learnt negative coping skills from our family of origin which we unconsciously apply to relationships be they intimate ones, family or work. These often become our default patterns and can have disastrous consequences for ourselves and others.

On the other hand, life can deal us a blow which is unexpected and for which we could never be prepared. We live in a time of frantic change, of traumatic events which can shatter our sense of security and trust. Trauma counselling can provide a path through the emotional chaos which is a result of the devastation of the familiar and the safe.

Counselling is an opportunity to take time out from the busyness of life to reflect, explore and learn new ways of dealing with issues that cause suffering and change old patterns. The counselling process requires commitment, curiosity, determination and a willingness to change. A sense of humour is also helpful ! Even in the darkest of times, the capacity to stand back and see the situation differently can bring a lightness into one's life that offers a ray of hope.

As a psychologist of over 30 years I do not claim to have all the answers or be an expert in your life. I see my work as encouraging my clients to curious about their own lives, to ask questions of themselves, to explore where they came from, how they view their present situation and what they would like to change or even to heal.

My work is to accompany them on this journey, to use my many years of experience to help them clarify their choices and to support and encourage them to examine their options and to follow through.

The first step is usually the hardest . Some people fear that it is an admission of weakness that they need help. On the contrary, to reach out for help requires courage and the letting go of the belief that one is alone in the world. It is an admission that we are all on this same planet and that we all suffer. It is often a revelation to discover that by sharing our suffering we open ourselves to others. Sharing our vulnerability gives us strength. This is a paradox.

My skill lies in the variety of psychological approaches I have studied and use in my sessions which are tailored to the needs of my clients,whether it is to create more loving relationships, alleviate anxiety or depression, become more assertive, achieve goals or find one's own meaning and values.

My practice welcomes all ethnic and religious groups and all genders.

I offer counselling to:

  • Individuals, adults and adolescents

  • Couples

  • Gender variant ie non binary, trans

  • GLBTI community